Product Detail

Polynum insulation blankets are comprised of a nominal 4 - 16 mm thick and 1200 mm wide fire retardant polyethylene bubble film or cross l inked XPE fire retardant foam layer between two layers of reflective and low - emittance aluminum foil, which reflects up to 95 - 97 % of radiant heat. One side of Polynum is treated with a light coating to reduce glare during installation. Polynum products are used for roofs, ceilings, walls and suspended floors.

Polynum provides effective energy efficiency without creating human or environmental risks associated with airborne fibres or Volatile Organic Compounds.

Polynum is safe to handle, no protective equipment such as gloves or breathing apparatus is required. The products are fibre free, non itchy and non cancerous. Polynum is also water proof which ensures no moisture retention, no fungi or bacterial growth.

Product Certification

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