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Plastic Recyclers Australia recycles most forms of plastic which would otherwise end up in landfill. Their system involves the sorting, blending and processing of many different plastics to create a wide variety of products.







Post consumer and post industrial waste plastic is carefully sourced, screened and sorted before being processed into 'granule' form and then mixed to various 'recipes' before being finally turned into products. Products include Bollards, Garden Edging, Posts, Stakes, Car Park Wheel Stops, Boardwalks, Seating, and Scaffold Pads to name a few - all manufactured factory direct from recycled plastic.

Plastic Recyclers Australia also manufactures Specialist Moulding Products.  In some cases, these products replace traditional materials and are used where recycled plastic provides better properties due to its resistance to moisture, corrosion, termites and so on. Because products are usually lighter than concrete or steel and because they do not break, split or splinter, they are safe and user friendly.

An unconditional 5 year guarantee applies to all products

Information last verified 8th February 2011

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