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Fully composted organic products. Compost, soil conditioners, and mulch,  made from 100% recycled hardwood, timber, pine bark, eucalyptus woodland manure's.








Pinegro is certified by Australian Standards for manufacturing potting mixes. All mixes are well composted and meet the 23 tests required for physical and chemical criteria AS3743 (1996) which is the potting mix testing manual of Standards Australia.

Current Pinegro Products:

Growing Media - potting mixes for individual growing requirements. The range of growing media includes native mix, seed raising mix, general mix, bulb growing and assorted speciality mixes.

Landscape Barks and Mulches - manufactures superior graded landscape and composted barks and mulches. The range of sizes include - 6mm, 10mm, 14mm, 25mm and 50mm.

Soil Conditioners - moisture mulch is organic with high performance qualities. It provides excellent moisture and nutrient retention; temperature insulation, weed and erosion control.

Soil Blends - organic based soil mixes suitable for large scale projects, including land reclamation projects.

Complimentary Pinegro Products - Eucapeat, composted sawdust and woodchips.

Information last verified 8th February 2011

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