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High efficiency low mercury light source.

Lamp is not standard stock in Australia, must be ordered through wholesaler.







Sodium lamps were first developed in the 1960's to give very high efficiency and high efficacy (up to 150lm/W) as well as long lamp life (over 30,000hrs with some products). The light quality is significantly inferior to metal halide sources, and according to research by Lawrence Berkely in the US the effective light output of sodium lamps should be down rated - by as much as 25% on a 50W high-pressure sodium (ref. EBN 11.6).

The lamps use a high-frequency high-voltage current to ionize xenon gas which vaporizes a sodium-mercury amalgam. Electricity passed through this gas mixture releases electrons from the sodium atoms, emitting visible light, mostly in the yellow and red wavelengths. HPS lamps do not require phosphors to produce light.

The Philips Alto range reduce mercury content significantly, and this lamp passes the US EPA Toxic Characteristic Leachate Procedure test for low-mercury content

Information last verified 12th February 2011

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