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PES (Packaged Environmental Solutions) – Water Treatment Solutions


PES offers a wide range of water treatment systems suitable for a wide range of sectors such as: domestic, industrial, defence, civil commercial, civil public, global organisations, etc.








PES's fluid disinfection system works without the use of moving parts, consumables or chemicals. It processes fluid streams with solids/particle content of appreciable size, without extensive filtration or screening, with no loss in efficiency and effectiveness of disinfection.

The output stream from MC HeatDis TM system is free of detectable targeted active biological material.

Applications further include:

  • Industrial Pasteurisation
  • Potable Water
  • Grey Water Treatment
  • Black Water Treatment
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Marine Applications. e.g. Ballast Water
  • Portable Integrated power, hot water and safe drinking water
  • Portable Integrated power, hot water, safe drinking water, reusable treated effluent
  • Semi fixed/portable integrated power, hot water, safe drinking water, reusable effluent

Fixed integrated power, hot water, safe drinking water, reusable effluent

Information last verified 10th June 2010

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