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Furniture made from coconut palms which were commercially planted but are no longer useful. Uses wood that would otherwise be cleared as waste.








Indigenous style furniture, originated in the islands of the South Pacific. The tables reflect the models of construction of the great Pacific war canoes with pieces of palm wood sewn together with coir. Chairs are influenced by the design of Zulu war shields were skins are stretched over animal bones.  All pieces are finished intricately by hand using traditional techniques.

Palmwood® is the name given to the finished hardwood product.

Pacific Green recycles unproductive coconut palms, old plantation land is then returned to the local villages to replant with young fruit bearing palms and other cash crops. This has created a sustainable indigenous economy.

Pacific Green Furniture uses no toxins or chemicals, the finishing oils are natural. Packing materials are recyclable.

Information last verified 14th February 2011

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