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Double and triple glazed tilt and turn insulating window system with timber and optional aluminium facings externally.  Suitable for domestic purposes.








Double and triple glazed insulating window system with double-rebated timber frames:

  • WERS accredited manufacturer
  • Available as tilt and turn
  • Dual PVC sealed unit and continuous rubber sash seal
  • Laminated kiln dried hardwood, Queensland Maple, plantation timbers such as Hoop Pine and Scandinavian Fir available
  • Available in a variety of smart glass and low-e options
  • Air or Argon gas filled 12mm to 16mm gap with desiccant.

Several locking pins all around the window lock the sash into the frame to provide multi-point metal-to-metal security locking.

Paarhammer window systems can save energy costs, depending on the type of glass and size of airspace used to make up the sealed glass units. The most energy efficient airspaces are between 12 and 20mm. Using thick laminated glass on the outside and a larger airspace can reduce noise approximately between 80-90%.


Information last verified 12th February 2011

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