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Fusion bonded cut pile 'precycled' modular carpet. Low VOC, designed for disassembly and dematerialisation with product stewardship and reconditioning process. Suitable for all commercial applications.

Envisions fusion bonded cut pile modular carpet is precycled, designed for disassembly and dematerialisation. This product is designed specifically to minimise environmental impact.

'Precycling' means that the original new product is specified and made to be more durable, so that it can stand up to the rigours of an additional life-cycle(s) after its first life-cycle. Ontera strives to achieve this through "Earthplus" reconditioning process, allowing a 36% reduction in environmental impact compared to an equivalent new product.

Product contains post consumer and post industrial recycled content. Low total VOC content aids in achieving Green Star credit points.

Lease options available through "Modulease" and product take back exists.

All Ontera modular carpets are precision dye cut to be either 457.2mm x 457.2mm (18" x 18") or 600mm x 600mm, and are "designed to be arranged, fitted or stacked together in various configurations" as prescribed in the Green Star Office Interiors rating tool compliance requirements.

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