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A lightweight steel beam used for various residential and light commercial construction applications.









LiteSteel beam is made from low carbon, cold forming processed steel, and is finished in an alloy coating of aluminium and zinc.  Litesteel beams are suitable for decks, floors, stairs and roofs across a range of applications.

Manufacturer sourced engineering case study comparisons show the beam is approximately 40% less the weight of other hot rolled steel products for the same engineered application. LiteSteel beam enables less post/columns to be used due to the wide spanning capability of the product in the context of conventional residential loads.

The manufacturer encourages bolted and screwed fixing to allow easy reuse. The product is 100% recyclable and OneSteel can arrange for pick-up of pre-used steel. The product has a lower embodied energy than other hot rolled, non-lightweight steel beams, and allows for reduced material use and labour costs.

Information last verified on: 10/02/2011

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