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Fully automated, energy efficient shading systems using GreenScreen® solar shading fabrics. Suitable for internal applications.








NYSAN motorised shading systems are fully automated, and use GreenScreen® fabrics in their blinds. These are low VOC, non-toxic fabrics made from polyester, with an optional metallic backing for metallised (aluminium) backing for increased solar reflection and reduced visible light transmission (glare). The fabrics are also PVC-free.

NYSAN internal shading systems can achieve significant reductions in the demand for air conditioning, reducing electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. They can also improve indoor environmental conditions for building occupants by reducing glare and blocking out UV rays, while still allowing visibility through the shades, and eliminating VOC emissions usually introduced into buildings with PVC based fabrics.

Suitable for a range of installations including, museums and galleries, airports, educational institutions, health-care facilities, libraries, hospitality, entertainment areas and retail spaces.

A range of Specialty motorised shading systems such as Bottom up and skylight tension systems are also available.

All Nysan shading systems are custom made to suit any design.GreenScreen® polyester fabrics are 100% recyclable, as are the aluminium components of the system the fabric is installed with. These components have an optional powder coated finish.

Information last verified 19th February 2011

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