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A range of motorised external venetian blinds made from aluminium. Suitable for residential and commercial applications.








Horiso® external venetian blinds are made from aluminium, and available in various dimensions to suit specific building and orientation requirements and BMS connection. Applications include residential, commercial, hospitality, government buildings and healthcare.

Blinds installed externally are the most effective at reducing solar transmission and heat gain into a building. Horiso® automated blinds maximise the use of natural daylight, while preventing glare and solar heat gain. Significant reductions in energy consumption, artificial lighting, and associated greenhouse gas emissions, can be achieved through reduced need for air conditioning, and optimising natural light.

Controlling natural light, through raising/tilting/closing blinds is also more beneficial to the health of building occupants, rather than completely blocking out light. Shading co-efficient of 0.1 or lower can be achieved.

Blinds are available in various colours, and select blinds within the range are also available perforated blades. Horiso® range has been wind tunnel tested and proved to be effective in wind speeds up to 77kph.

All aluminium components of the blind system are 100% recyclable and a product takeback scheme is offered to increase the likelihood of this material recovery.

Horiso® motorised external venetian blinds are compatible with NYSAN Green Building Controller, a powerful and efficient device providing flexible and customised management for individual requirements and BMS control.

Manufacture in Germany and Australia. Components imported from Europe.


Information last verified 19th February 2011

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