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Intelligent, energy efficient controller to be used in conjunction with automated external blinds, to provide flexible, customised management sunlight and energy. Suitable for commerical applications and BMS connection.







NYSAN- Green Building Controller is an intelligent automated external blind control system designed to optimise the amount of natural light and energy entering a building, in accordance with the sun's angle of incidence (SAI).

The product has a range of beneficial capabilities that allow flexible and customised solutions for individuals of a building, including:

  • Sensors capable of determining sunny, cloudy, and bright-overcast sky conditions
  • Sun and wind sensors automatically allowing blinds to react to weather conditions
  • Capability to measure luminance within 10% accuracy
  • Capability to react to changes in light condition within 10 secs
  • Custom settings that can be linked to individual or all control zones within a system
  • Capability to control blinds from wall switches, individual computers, or via the internet (allowing control from remote locations).
  • Manual override function.

NYSAN Green Building Controller can achieve significant reductions in energy consumption, and associated greenhouse gas emissions, of buildings by reducing the need for artificial lighting and air-conditioning. Wellbeing of building occupants can also be improved by reducing glare, and allowing individual control settings.

The product has a hardware unit component (which is to be installed in the building) and a software component compatible with Microsoft.

Compatible with automated external blind systems such as NYSAN- Horiso® Motorised External Venetian Blinds.

Information last verified 19th February 2011

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