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Chrome free upholstery leather suitable for interiors of commercial, residential, automotive, hospitality, marine and aviation purposes.








NSW Leather Co. supply 100% chromium free upholstery leather, utilising a vegetable-synthetic tanning process instead of chromium tanning. The heavy metal chromium is typically used for leather tanning, which in some forms is a known carcinogen. Chromium has been linked to vitro teratogenic and bio-accumulative effects, primarily via inhalation and skin exposure.

The lack of chromium of any kind in the leather tanning process omits the potential for emissions of chrome 3 and 6 in the wastewater of the leather production, eliminating significant waste disposal problems and environmental effects downstream.

The dyes used on the leathers utilise pigments which are heavy metal free. Solvent free pigmented coatings are used on the leather, greatly reducing the volatile organic chemical emissions (VOCs) produced by the leather (0.06mg/m3). Formaldehyde emissions from the leather are also extremely low (0.0047g/kg).

Natural gas is utilised in the production facility to generate steam and hot water, reducing the use of heavy fuel oil which consequently reduces the embodied energy of the leather.

The O2zone Range leather is suitable for interior upholstery in commercial (hospitality, marine, aviation, automotive) and residential purposes.

Information last verified 22nd February 2011

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