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Energy efficient heaters, radiant panel heaters and heating systems utilising electronic thermostats. Use 100% of input energy, dust free and silent.








NOBO manufactures an extensive range of energy efficient room heaters to suit a variety of applications, e.g. living rooms, bathrooms, recreational rooms or business Premises. The range includes Skirting Heaters, Radiant Heaters and Convectors.

The NOBO slimline radiant panel heaters are a combination of radiant and convection panel heater. The radiant component emits comfortable, "soft", and efficient long term heat, whilst the convection component provides an instant and quick start-up.

For radiant heat it is necessary to have as much surface area as possible, hence the NOBO panel is approximately twice the length of convection panels with the same wattage output, they are much slimmer, modern, with a clean face and can be mounted behind low furniture (such as sofas). Making NOBO slimline radiant panel heaters ideal for rooms which require intermittent heating, quick warm up, and accurate temperature control.

Information last verified 22nd February 2011

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