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Showerheads designed for residential use. WELS rated as in the top 25% of their category. A 3-Star rating is the top rating currently being achieved by any showerhead.








Nikles develops innovative showerheads and sprays.  From a powerful massage spray to a gentle uplifting spray.

The patented Turbine Technology by Nikles uses a turbine wheel within the shower head that increases water pressure for a powerful, massaging shower spray. The tapered design of the nozzles adds extra spin to each water stream, creating the sensation of a full shower regardless of the water pressure.

Nikles Airdrop© technology is a patented technology that enriches every drop of water with pockets of air, creating a gentle, uplifting feeling. Airdrop© is a unique air injection process that simultaneously combines water and air in a series of mixing chambers, before delivering a rejuvenating spray that is soft and gentle on the skin. The highly compact engine allows for the design of ultra slim shower heads and hand showers.

Information last verified 22nd February 2011

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