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Recycled timber and plastic decking.  Suitable for residential and commercial use.









ModWood is a composite decking material that looks and feels like natural timber, but requires none of the maintenance of traditional timbers.

Suitable for outdoor applications from residential decking to screening and commercial outdoor areas, ModWood's range also includes screening boards and a marina board suitable for marina's and boardwalks, available in a range of colours. 90% of the product components are derived from recycled or reclaimed material - 55% wood fibre, 35% recycled plastic with the remaining 10% consisting of lubricants/talcs/ pigments.  Wood fibre is sourced from AFS Forest Management certified pine plantation through Chain of Custody certified supplier. See Eco Priority Guide: Timber and Wood Products for more information about certification schemes.

The product features, include a high degree of UV stability, high resistance to extreme weather, moisture and termites. ModWood products are highly stable, low maintenance products, in comparison to traditional timber decking.

ModWood avoids the potential for use of solvent based sealers and surface treatments, and is ideal for use around swimming pools as there are no splinters.

Ten year guarantee against rotting, warping, splitting and cracking when ModWood decking is installed and used as per manufacturer recommendations. ModWood is locally manufactured by an Australian owned company.

Information last verified on the 9th October 2009

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