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Mentholatum Australasia Pty Ltd. – Organic Instinct Natural Shampoo


Natural skin and hair care product line made from some certified organic extracts and essential oils.










Mentholatum Australasia Pty Ltd., the manufacturer of Organic Instinct Natural Shampoo, claims that their product is free from over 400 potentially harmful ingredients to both people and the environment. This product follows the company's own proprietary Natural Ingredient Standard, formulated by Natural Instinct, to ensure that their personal care products are created only with plant-derived ingredients.

Based on their Natural Ingredient Standard, Natural Instinct claims that this product is naturally free from all sulphates, petrochemicals, PEGS & parabens, artificial fragrances and colours, harmful chemicals, preservatives, animal derivatives, PABA & EDTA, and mineral oils and that their products are grey-water safe. The Organic Instinct Shampoo product is contained in virgin but recyclable packaging and they represent it as safe for daily use.  Natural Instinct also claims that none of their products are tested on animals at any stage of product development.


Information last verified: 3 April 2013

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