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Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs free from liquid mercury. Suitable for home and commercial applications.








The manufacturer states that CFLs consume 80% less power than incandescent lights, and generate 80% less CO2 as a result.

Instead of using liquid mercury, as in incandescent lamps, these lights use amalgam which is an alloy of mercury combined with other metals. The mercury inside the amalgam is concealed inside the metal alloy and would not escape even if the lamps break, because amalgam is in a stable solid form under room temperature. This solid form also allows it to be recycled and reused more readily. These CFLs on average contain less than 1.63mg mercury; below the 5mg limit set by the EU environmental regulation.

Covered lights are fitted with a silicone sleeve which is a durable and heat-resistant material that enwraps the glass cover of the bulbs to shield against and contain shattered glass and other components when the bulb breaks accidentally. The silicone cover also prevents leakage of mercury and eliminates the use of toxic acids to produce a traditional frosted finishing

All parts of the light, including the glass tube, the amalgam, the lamp housing and the lamp base, can be recycled.

Information last verified: 30 August 2012


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