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CSR Martini – Martini Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Products


Thermally bonded polyester acoustic and thermal insulation with a high post consumer recycled content. Martini Acoustic Insulation products comes in a variety of types suitable for a commercial, industrial and residential use, including: insulation for walls, roofs and ceilings; rigid duct lagging; and flexible ventilation.

Made from durable polyester, Martini Acoustic Insulation Products insulation are expected to last the life of the building, and have a product warranty of 15 years.

A minimum of 80% of the fibre used in  Martini Acoustic Insulation Products is made from post-consumer PET packaging such as empty drink bottles, and the remaining 15-20% is virgin melt fibre to bond recycled fibres.  Products are 100% recyclable and has high reuse potential as insulation.  This has significant environmental benefits of reduced material consumption and waste to landfill. There is also significantly less energy required to produce recycled polyester, compared to virgin material.

Polyester is a non-toxic and non-harmful, product and a more installer-friendly alternative to fibreglass insulation, requiring no specific protective apparel. Product will not corrode or crumble over time.

Applications include internal lining of HVAC ducts, roofs, underfloor, high performance acoustic partition and ceiling systems, original equipment manufacture (OEM), appliance cabinets, plant rooms, rooftop plant enclosures, studios, cinemas, sports halls in residential, commercial, healthcare community and industrial buildings.


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