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Ligna Group – Ligna Stone and Timbercrete bricks, pavers & panels



Ligna Stone is a new contemporary adaptation of Timbercrete and is a handcrafted low density, high fire resistant and floodproofing building material made of post-industrial recycled timber waste that can be moulded into a range of shapes, suitable for residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as landscaping applications.

Ligna Stone products are made using the patented Timbercrete matrix which is a blend of post-industrial cellulose waste (from sawdust), cement, sand, binders, and other materials, using as much local content as possible. The product has high insulation qualities for energy efficiency, is lighter weight compared to other building products and is able to be screwed or nailed into providing a high level of workability. According to its manufacturer, the product is a carbon sink, since it utilises waste wood sawdust that sequesters carbon gas, offsetting carbon dioxide emissions.

The product has an excellent fire rating compared to conventional concrete, clay, timber or steel, and is also waterproof and bulletproof. Ligna Stone and Timbercrete products are available in a range of sizes, finishes and thicknesses, but typically designed for single skin, full brick and veneer wall options. The natural colour and texture is similar to sandstone, however other colours and textures can also be produced.

The products are suitable for load bearing applications and offer a high level of robustness that is less prone to breakages, highly durable and have virtually no ongoing maintenance.


Information last verified: 25th January 2018

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