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LIVOS - Natural Finishes Range (Plant-Based Wood Oil, Finishes and Treatments)



A range of no or low synthetic VOC, plant-based oils, coatings and treatments for interior and exterior residential and commercial applications.

LIVOS offer a range of non-toxic, plant-based natural floor oils, wood finishes and treatments.

Surface Treatments for Timber, Concrete, Ply, Slate, Strawbale, Brick, Walls & Trims, Decks, Screens, External furniture, Cleaning and Maintaining. The range is significantly made from raw materials such as natural plant oils, minerals, waxes and tree resins.

The ingredients of LIVOS' range of finishes are fully declared, are 100% biodegradable, and avoid potentially negative environmental issues associated with disposing of traditional polyurethane and solvent based products

Unlike conventional coatings, LIVOS oils impregnate and protect the surface (timber), rather than creating a plastic coating on top. This allows for easy rejuvenation with no sanding required. Tthe rejuvenation process is quick and simple to carry out if or when required.

Livos have been successfully manufacturing these products for over 40+ years and their use in Australian conditions is shown to be successful.

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