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Lignor Limited Engineered Wood Products Range wood products manufactured from young Blue Gum plantation trees and is suitable flooring, bearers, joists, headers, beams, columns, roof rafters, and flanges in both commercial and residential applications.







Lignor Limited Engineered Wood Products range is manufactured from young growth Blue Gum plantations or thinnings from State managed forests. The wood is manufactured into thin strands and resins are used to bind the strands together to form either uni-directionally for ESL® (Engineered Strand Lumber) or bi-directionally for ESB® (Engineered Strand Board) like plywood.

The use of young growth Blue Gum and thinning from State managed forests for manufactured timber products reduces landfill waste, and allows for re-planting of trees that sequester far more carbon dioxide as they grow and acts as a carbon sink. This is a more sustainable choice than other timber available through illegal logging.

Information last verified 19/05/2011

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