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Use Legrand Lighting Management Sensors to manage lighting systems and reduce energy wastage. Models are available  for both indoor and outdoor environments and all models can be used for both commercial and residential applications.








Legrand Lighting Management Sensors Range are lighting management sensors and control devices that ensure energy-efficiency within buildings by promoting optimal lighting requirements depending on the occupancy of a room. Legrand Lighting Management Sensors are reliable and easy to use provide safety and security. The product reduces expenses associated with lights being left on in unoccupied spaces or when there is sufficient natural light.

The Legrand Lighting Management Sensors Range includes the option of three sensing technologies suitable for a variety of applications:

Passive Infrared Technology: This product uses passive infrared technology which allows detecting the difference between heat emitted from the human body in motion or background space.

Ultrasonic Technology: Using the Doppler principle, ultrasonic occupancy sensors work by bouncing ultrasonic sound waves off objects in an area and measuring the time it takes for the waves to return.

Dual Technology: Using the Dual Sensing Verification Principle, both sensing technologies must detect occupancy to turn lighting on, while continued detection by one technology will also turn lighting on.

Legrand sensors have a built-in light level sensor that is used to switch lights off if natural light levels exceed a programable threshold.

Legrand Company offers two types of solutions; stand-alone switch sensors and networked sensors with room controllers suitable for large installations where dimming and control of larger loads are required.

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