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A subsurface irrigation system.









Leeky Hose is a subsurface, porous hose, which seeps water directly to plant and turf roots.  It is comprised of rubber and plastics, manufactured with partially recycled materials. It can be used with town water, grey water, or storm water, and can be used to deliver liquid fertiliser to your plants.

Leeaky Hose also operates at lower pressure than other irrigation systems.  At pressures of 4psi (25kpa) or below, the hose will deliver moisture to the surrounding soil through capillary action. This ensures that the system will deliver proper irrigation to plants even in extremely low-pressure water reticulation areas, or from relatively low header tanks.

When Leeaky Hose is turned off, the residual water is gradually taken up by the surrounding soil, so it is not attractive to plant roots or pests such as termites. The lack of physical holes also keeps the hose free of insect infestation.

The use of this irrigation system reduces the water required to irrigate lawns and garden beds, as there is no evaporation before the water can be absorbed into the soil.  It can also be used at any time of the day, as foliage burn and mildew is not a problem.

Information last verified on: 07/02/2011

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