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A roll-on, jute mesh erosion prevention system, for use in areas such as sand dunes.









SoilSaver is designed as a loose netting, for prevention of erosion in areas with low velocity water erosion.  It is ideal for areas where 'natural revegetation' is being encouraged, and decomposes into the soil, adding organic matter as it degrades.

SoilSaver retains moisture in the micro-environment from the plants, increases water infiltration for faster long-term stabilisation, and helps increase germination rates for direct-seeded areas.

Use of erosion prevention helps to re-establish vegetation, contributing to biodiversity.  Because SoilSaver is manufactured from 100% jute, it is a low toxic, energy efficient option when compared to other erosion prevention barriers that are synthetic based.

Information last verified on: 04/02/2011

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