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Chemical resistant porcelain ceramic slab suitable for interior, exterior, facade, residential, countertops/bench tops, splash-backs, cladding, wet areas, light commercial floors and walls. The big dimensions available make the product unique.








Kalesinterflex® is a porcelain ceramic slab with a thickness of 3 mm and dimensions of 1000 x 3000 mm.

The flexibility radius of a Kalesinterflex® Fit slab with dimensions of 1000 x 3000 x 3 mm is 5,5 m².

Kalesinterflex® is totally fire resistant and non-flammable (Category 0). It is also resistant to chemicals (acids and bases) thanks to its porcelain ceramic structure and glaze layer on its surface.

It can be cut with standard glass and ceramic cutters, computer controlled automatic cutting machines in the required dimensions. And can be drilled with glass drills as well as with other known automatic drilling devices.

Kalesinterflex® has a smooth surface on which dirt does not accumulate. If required it can be cleaned with water and known cleaning agents.

Kalesinterflex® is produced using environment friendly technology.

Manufacturer claims, Kalesinterflex® is the largest polished porcelain tile in the world (660x3000mm)

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