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Adjustable louvres designed for domestic or commercial application.









JWI Louvres are designed to enhance energy efficiency by controlling heat, light, sun and ultra violet rays externally, and can be fixed, operable or retractable. JWI Louvres are available in a variety of blade profiles, powdercoat colours and a natural anodised finish.   Louvres are available in either cedar, extruded or rolled formed aluminium.

JWI Louvre Systems can be used for sun control, privacy and ventilation, on window facades, balconies and glass roofs. The JWI 80.IGO (Integrated Glass) system incorporates laminated glass from 6mm to 12.38mm.

Panels can be fixed, sliding or bi-fold, and may be controlled by either hand or electric motor drives where applicable. Electronic controls can be linked to environmental sensors, which enable automatic adjustment of the blades in changing weather conditions. It is also possible to have the louvres open and close at pre-set times by incorporating a timer device into the electronic set-up.

Information last verified on: 31/01/2011

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