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Flow control systems for the efficient usage of water. Provides flow rate to suit your requirement in hot and cold taps.









Jemflo and A+ are each a valve device that controls the flow of water, suitable to be used with most taps.  They consist of a series of fixed orifice, intra-faucet flow controllers that are installed into any tap seat.  Jemflo is threaded into the body of the tap, A+ is held in place by the body of the tap itself.

They work by providing a high pressure drop across each tap, so that the pressures entering the breeching piece from the hot tap and the cold tap are almost equal.  The resultant dynamic pressure in the mixing tube is sufficient to overcome the frictional losses, at the determined flow-rate.  In the case of a shower especially, it still provides a good terminal velocity at the shower head, enabling the shower head to perform at its optimal level.  They have a Teflon coating to stop scale build up.

Installation of Jemflo or A+ can help to reduce the water usage, and energy usage of heating hot water.

Information last verified on: 31/01/2011

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