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James Hardie - Fibre Cement Columns and Formwork - Artista™ Columns


Fibre-cement columns suitable for residential and commercial use in decorative, load-bearing (filled and unfilled) and concealment applications.

Artista™ columns are a cellulose fibre-reinforced cement building product. Available in classic or tapered profiles, Artista™ columns can be painted in any colour, and textured to create specific looks. Columns are tough, strong and durable.

James Hardie production processes actively recycle excess base mix slurry, water and steam.

A full Life Cycle assessment has been undertaken and it provided data showing that James Hardie FC Internal Linings are a low GHG emission material.

Applications include.

Decorative: Used freestanding for purely decorative purposes, or as a dressing around a load bearing timber or steel post.

Unfilled Load Bearing: Subject to loading criteria being satisfied, can be used to support lightweight roof structures, often without any further reinforcement required other than hold-down straps.

Load Bearing: Can be filled with reinforced concrete to support heavier loads (see James Hardie technical literature for more information).

Conceal Services: Columns can be split and used to conceal unsightly services.

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