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Iodine based water disinfection system









The Isan system is a sanitation and water re-processing system, which uses iodine instead of chlorine.  Iodine is safer option to chlorine, as chlorine produces trihalomethane by-products, which are carcinogenic.

The Isan system is equipped with a fully automated computerised control system, which electronically monitors the biocide level and automatically doses the water to maintain preset levels. Electronic monitoring of the remaining iodine helps to ensure timely replacement of canisters.  The Isan system has in-built modem communication facilitating system control and monitoring as well as on-line diagnostic support.

Unlike chlorine, iodine concentrations can be accurately and automatically measured, and iodine is efficient over a wider pH range. The Isan system has an automated by-product removal and reduces the incidence of fungal growth, spoilage organisms and pathogens in water and on food.


Information last verified on: 28/01/2011

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