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Highly durable, nylon commercial carpet fibre, with recycled content which is third-party certified by SCS.









Invista Antron fibres range from 5-90% post-industrial recycled nylon, as certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), which results in a lower embodied energy, and less waste production than other available nylon fibres.  The fibre is used in the manufacture of Invista's Lumena and Legacy ranges, which are suitable for commercial carpet manufacture for use in corporate, commercial, education, government, healthcare, and hospitality applications.

Lumena is a solution dyed fibre available in over 140 individual colours. It is manufactured into textured, patterned, loop pile carpet for commercial applications.  Legacy is a white dyable fibre available in a wide variety of fibre deniers, lustres, and colours.  Legacy can be manufactured into virtually any carpet construction i.e. from solid colour cut piles to textured loop piles and patterns.

Lumena and Legacy are available in three grades of durability ranging from heavy duty to moderate wear and tear.  The treated monofilament fibre optimises the durability of the carpet in two ways. Monofilament fibres have superior stain resistance to other fibre types and treatment with DuraTech increases soil resistance. Reducing soiling and staining lowers the lifecycle maintenance demands and costs and increases carpet lifespan.

The recycled content of Legacy and Lumena fibres are third party certified by SCS. Antron Legacy BCF fibres are 90% post-industrial recycled content and available on a special order basis.  Certain Antron Lumena colours are 90% post-industrial recycled content nylon. Availability of recycled content fibre needs to be confirmed.  Manufacture of Antron Lumena BCF denier 1245, Type C with 5% post-industrial recycled content is now standard practice. Virtually all colours of this fibre contain recycled content nylon.

Information last verified on: 28/01/2011

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