Product Detail

FutureWall™ is a flexible building platform designed for use in interior commercial and office settings. Futurewall™ encompasses a variety of functions such as wall cladding, full height partitioning, low height screens, glazing, doors and allows integration with furniture and storage components.

FutureWall™ is framed with aluminium (approx. 50% recycled content), and uses a melamine faced E0 particleboard panel (approx. 70% recycled content). Shelving, joinery and function wall elements such as pin boards and whiteboards can be easily integrated into the system.

FutureWall™ can also incorporate different insulation types, to suit specific acoustic requirements. Intanova state the standard insulation and panel configuration results in an acoustic value of Rw 37 or higher.

The system is easily demountable and components are reusable and recyclable. Intanova offer a product take-back service at the end of tenancy or usable life of the product, which makes reuse and recycling far more likely, significantly reducing material use and overall embodied energy.

Product Certification

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