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A thermal insulating paint designed to reflect the sun.  Suitable for industrial and commercial application.








Insulpaint's A500 is an acrylic hi-build membrane applied to exterior surfaces. Provides a barrier to heat transfer by reflecting solar radiation and by radiating its own heat outwards. Internal building temperatures can be reduced by as much as 10-15 degrees Celsius. Suitable for industrial and commercial markets. Water based with coverage of 2 sq metres per litre. Also has a Tropical version with a fungicide for areas with high humidity. Comes in 21 colours.

Insulpaint is formulated for the use in atmospheric, light industrial and rural environments. It is typically used as a single coat over suitably prepared metal, fibro and concrete substances exposed to high levels of solar radiation.

Insulation helps to regulate the temperature in the building, making you less reliant on energy-consuming methods of heating and cooling.

Information last verified on: 27/01/2011

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