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Instyle LIFE Textiles - Atlas, Source, Classic, Pulse, Tonic, Glide and Edge


100% Australian 'EthEco® wool' upholstery and screen fabrics designed to minimise environmental impact at each stage of their life cycle. Product is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Low VOC certified.

LIFE is an acronym for 'Low Impact For the Environment'.







Atlas, Source, Classic, Pulse, Tonic, Glide and Edge are a range of 'very low VOC' heavy duty upholstery screen and panel textiles, sourced from EthEco® wool.

Instyle and The Woolmark Company (Australia) have developed proprietary specifications for LIFE (Low Impact For the Environment) Textiles®. This specification includes sustainable renewable or non-hazardous recycled fibres. The objective is to reduce the environmental impact from fibre selection to textile disposal. Manufacturers in the supply chain are surveyed prior to producing LIFE textiles and manufacturers and their suppliers are required to provide declarations of compliance to the LIFE Textiles® specification.

EthEco® wool comes from non-mulesed cross bred sheep or SRS® Merino sheep. SRS Merino sheep are naturally resistant to flystrike and do not require mulesing. Farmers also apply holistic environmental management strategies to regenerate and improve the environment and farmland.

No flame retardant or anti static treatment is required as wool is naturally fire retardant and anti static.

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