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Qweller range of products include a heavy-duty wash-down that reduces odours, accelerate the breakdown of animal waste, keeps drains flowing free and promotes pond activity. A non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner that is ideal for recycled water irrigation applications.

Qweller A - a multi-purpose wash-down product that deodorises and breaks down waste as it cleans. The surfactants in Qweller A cut through grease, fat and solid build-up keeping enclosures clean.

Qweller B - suppresses odours and breaks down waste by rapidly increasing bacterial activity and establishing high levels of balanced bacterial communities in waste systems.

Qweller C - is used in extreme situations to revitalise a dormant or unbalanced system where the level of bacterial activity is extremely low or non-existent. Qweller C inoculates the system with bacteria that rapidly multiply when Qweller A and/or Qweller B are added.

Qweller Pet is formulated for use in kennels, catteries, aviaries, stables and domestic pet applications, it utilises proven Qweller ingredients to provide a superior cleaning and odour control solution that is safe for use around animals.


Information last verified 14th January 2011

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