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InnvoLoc is a flooring system to allow installation of a tile floor, which can be removed and re-used.  InnvoLoc is suitable for indoor, outdoor, domestic and commercial purposes.








InnvoLoc interlocking bases come with a special glue pre-applied, which the backing paper is peeled away from and the tile is stuck to. The InnvoLoc bases with the tiles glued are then clicked together and the floor grouted.

InnvoLoc tiles are laid over a layer of InnvoLay rubber underlay.  The underlay provides stability, sound absorption and prevents movement. InnvoLoc's tiles must only be grouted using InnvoGrout Flexible Grout as normal grouts are not flexible enough to withstand the movement of the system.

InnvoLoc bases come in a range of sizes, which are adjustable.  They allow tiled floors to be reused, reducing the waste generated from manufacturing new tiles, and disposal of removed tiles.




Information last verified on: 27/01/2011

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