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Innoflow Technologies – Orenco AdvanTex ® System Wastewater Treatment


Textile packed bed filter wastewater treatment system for residential and small commercial applications. Community solutions also available.








As Australasian licence holders, Innoflow provide a complete wastewater treatment solution from Orenco Systems Incorporated. The AdvanTex® is a recirculating textile packed bed filter, using an attached growth technology. Packed bed filters, such as the AdvanTex® (AX20) Treatment System, use centrifugal pumps that run a few minutes an hour to periodically pump effluent (clarified wastewater) to a bed of treatment media. The system uses hanging sheets of synthetic textile as the media. Micro-organisms living on the media digest the organic matter in the effluent, providing treatment. The system takes in air passively through a vent so the system requires only enough electricity to run the pumps intermittently. The system comprises a primary tank, recirculation compartment, pump vault unit with Biotube® effluent filter and stainless steel effluent pump, AX20 textile filter, and treated effluent tank and pump (for irrigation).

The system is comparably lightweight for easy installation and minimum habitat disturbance, and predominately installed below ground with green access lids all that remains visible.

The treatment for re-use via irrigation reduces potable water use for irrigation, has significant nutrient removal of nitrogen (60-70%) and phosphorous (30%).  A gravity-flow UV tertiary treatment option is available for chemical free disinfection.

An individual AX20 can be used for single residence up to 2000L/day usage (conservatively 10 persons).  System is modular so can be used to design larger residence or small commercial.  A large commercial/ community solution is also available.

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