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Corrosion free commercial grade hot water storage tank with a stainless steel corrugated pipe heat exchanger.








Rotex Sanicube heat exchanger is a combination of hot water storage tank and instant flow water heater system with properties which are particularly water hygienic. Available in two different sizes of 300L and 500L they can form a modular system suited to almost every application.

The German made Rotex unit is a non pressurised, non corrosive box with a high insulation factor (think big esky with a coil inside). Box: approx 7cm thick sandwich of high density polystyrene (no 6 plastic) between an inner and outer polypropylene (no. 5 plastic) skin. Coil: 400m HD polyethylene (PEX) tube (no 2 plastic) with 80L capacity.

A basic hot water system also includes pipework (insulated with 300mm fibreglass and foil backed aluminium), thermostat, pump and water heating unit e.g. Rinnai Infinity.

Rotex can be reconditioned and is technically recyclable at end of life but the company does not provide a take-back program. Australian installations began 1995 (Worldwide -1979).

Information last verified 1st February 2011

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