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Save it Easy is an adaptor which enables T5 fluorescent light tubes to be retrofitted in T8 or T12 fittings. T5 fitting require less energy and are longer lasting. It is an upgrade option that requires no wiring and is reversible if needed. Suitable for use in interior commercial and industrial lighting upgrades.







Save-it-Easy is a small adaptor which can be placed on one end of an energy-efficient T5 fluorescent light tube, enabling it to be instantly fitted into an existing standard T8 fitting. This change from a 36 Watt T8 to a 28 Watt T5 means that less energy is being used and the light tube itself will be longer lasting.

Retrofitting the product is the same process as replacing a fluorescent tube which means it does not require an electrician and can be done quickly, cleanly and inexpensively. The upgrade requires no wiring and is also reversible should it be required that the light fitting use T8 fluorescent light tubes again.

Switching to a T5 fluorescent light tube has increased energy efficiency benefits as T5 light tubes are 28 Watt and T8 light tubes are 36 Watt. T5 light tubes require less energy and last longer.  There is no flickering associated with upgraded lamps. They start instantly and operate without any audible noise, and after the upgrade the light fittings should produce less heat.

Information last verified on: 25/01/2011

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