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A cost effective, compact switching system for retrofit commercial and industrial fluorescent lighting applications.  Reduces energy consumption with minimal effect on lighting performance while also extending life of lamp, ballast and fittings.







The controller allows fluorescent lighting to warm up after being switched on with normal utility voltage, and then reduces the power supply to the lights.  Once the lights have warmed up they can operate equally effectively with same lumen output on a reduced power supply.

Light Eco Controller is suitable for existing commercial and industrial buildings which have large areas of lighting required for extended or 24 hour periods - schools, hospitals, supermarkets, industrial complexes, warehouses, hotels, car parking, services stations and office blocks.

The controller can be used with fluorescent lighting, preferably those with iron core ballast as electronic ballasts reduce energy savings potential.

Light Eco Controller is applicable for standard supply voltages -120, 220, 230, 240 and 277 Volt and 50/60Hz systems. Models LE 2.4, LE 3.8 and LE 4.8 are available for circuit loads of 10, 16 and 20 Amps; models LE 6.6, LE 9.9 and LE 12.2 are available to control single phase lighting circuits of 30, 45, or 60 Amps.  There is also a HID Light Eco model available for use with certain high intensity discharge lamps such as Sodium and Metal Halide lamps.

One unit per circuit or line is required. This can be installed at the distribution board or before or after the switch for each line. Can take loads between 36 - 65 Watts. e.g. an LE 2. 4 unit controls up to 40 x 36 Watt tubes whereas an LE 4.8 unit controls up to 80 x 36 Watt tubes.

By engaging third party planters to plant one tree seedling per tonne of CO2 saved per project, Ilum-a-lite thereby offers each client the opportunity to provide a restorative sustainability benefit by doubling the CO2 savings and offsetting previous emissions.




Information last verified on: 25/01/2011

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