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Laminated glass product which is transparent when a current is applied and opaque when turned off. Provides privacy, comfort and protection.








iGlass is a thin film product based on liquid crystal technology where crystal particles within a formulated polymer are aligned parallel in respect of each other when the flow of electricity occurs. When the flow is stopped the crystals return to their original position, blocking the flow of light.

This film is laminated with glass to create a glass that becomes active (transparent) when electrical current is applied. Light transmission still occurs, however the light is scattered. This provides brighter working space and interior which means less internal light is required to brighten the space. The glass also has an impact on controlling glare and heat gain to a degree by reducing the intensity of the light entering the space.  The window acts as an electronic blind, able to control light transmission by 30%. The product also offers increased acoustic dampening and increased protection from harmful UV rays.

Information last verified on: 25/01/2011

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