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A spray foam insulation partially manufactured with plant-based materials.








ICYNENE LD-R-50, manufactured in Japan, is a water-blown foam insulation and air barrier partially manufactured from castor oil.  It does not contain any ozone destroying or global warming refrigerants such as CFCs, HCFCs, or HFAs, does not wick water and is resistant to mould.  The product can be sprayed into walls and expands to form a flexible foam blanket, which does not shrink over time and adheres to most construction materials.

Castor crops are non-irrigated, do not require pesticides or fungicides, and can be grown on marginal lands.  Production process has low energy dependence, consisting of de-husking and pressing, with harvesting performed manually.  Castor oil is a rapidly renewable resource, with a high weight yield (approximately 40%), and castor oil does not require chemical filtration.  By using castor oil to manufacture this insulation, the dependence on petroleum-based polyol is decreased.

Installing thermal insulation in a building helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, which can eliminate or reduce the need for air conditioning.  Air barriers reduce noise disturbance and extend the life of a building by minimizing the flow of airborne moisture that can result in condensation, mould growth and decay.

Information last verified on: 25/01/2011

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