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Hyne T3 Green is a treated softwood structural timber product suitable for exterior above ground structural applications (Grade MGP10).








Hyne T3 Green is a treated softwood structural timber is produced using MGP10 mechanically graded Hyne Frame for strength and reliability and H3 treated for outdoor durability. It is recommended for use as deck and verandah bearers and joists; pergola, verandah and carport rafters and battens; verandah and patio beams or facia beams.

Hyne T3 Green contains H3 levels of the following preservatives.

  • Insecticide (for borers and termites) - Permethrin.
  • Fungicides - Tebuconazole and Propiconazole.
  • Solvent Carrier - Low odour white spirit.
  • Colouring agent - Light green

The manufacturer recommends that T3 Green is painted for all exterior, weather exposed applications to prevent bleaching, surface deterioration and mould. It is recommended that this product is painted with low VOC paint products to ensure that the environmental qualities of this product are enhanced.

Hyne T3 Green is packaged in set lengths packs ranging from 2.4 to 6.0m and has a manufacturer guarantee of 25 years from the date of supply.

Information last verified: 03/06/11


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