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HydroSTON permeable concrete pavers are pavement which allows rain and runoff to infiltrate directly into the ground and are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications.






HydroSTON permeable concrete pavers reduce pressure on stormwater systems by allowing rainwater runoff to percolate through the surface allowing capture of runoff which can then be utilized for other purposes. The HydroSTON range consists of two pavement types:

HydroSTON 50 Pedestrian pavements available in a block or flag style and are suitable for pedestrian walkways, plazas, courtyards and tree surrounds.

HydroSTON 80 Vehicle Traffic pavements available in classic style only and are suitable for Carparks, parking bays, driveways and various road applications. Manufacturer claims that HydroSTON 80 vehicle pavements need to be installed with average 4mm gaps between pavers to ensure lock up of the pavement and provide flexibility of movement between pavers.

Manufacturer claims that HydroSTON pavers:

  • Are fully permeable
  • Improve water quality
  • Reduce peak-flow runoff and take pressure off stormwater drainage systems
  • Have a low life-cycle and maintenance costs.

HydroSTON permeable concrete pavers are available in a range of colours.

Information last verified 03/06/11

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