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HydroCON pipe systems are a range of permeable underground pipes consisting of pit and porous concrete pipes used for the treatment of stormwater and urban runoff. Suitable for external applications in industrial and residential use.







HydroCON pipe systems can deliver pre-treated stormwater to the subsurface of a bioretention or stormwater filter system through modular 1 meter lengths of pipe which are porous throughout but feature a sealed pipe end. The system facilitates stormwater and surface runoff treatment by filtering pollutants including dissolved substances, heavy metals and other sediments.


  • diameter (500mm internal)
  • water storage capacity (196 litres per linear metre of pipe with additional storage in surrounding media)
  • containment of contaminants within pipes
  • installation underground

The product can be retrofitted to existing external stormwater systems or can be installed into new systems and is suitable for industrial, commercial and residential use.

Information last verified 03/06/11

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