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Low VOC multi-purpose sports flooring systems suitable for interior and exterior commercial applications.

The Herculan range of Indoor Sports Floors are seamless, durable and cushioned flooring systems with eitherpoint-elastic, mix elastic, combilastic or area elastic properties. This means that there is always a sports floor to meet budget and activity requirements in the field of sports. The flooring system is suitable for indoor commercial sporting facilities and large-scale commercial interior flooring applications, such as exhibition centres. The system consists of a polyurethane layer bonded on a rubber granulate sub-base layer and every system is tailor made to suit the facility. The rubber cushion base contains approximately 90% post-consumer Australian recycled content (car tyres).

The system has a highly durable, resilient and non-porous polyurethane surface providing good hygienic qualities with low maintenance requirements. Additionally, the product has very low volatile organic compound (VOC) and formaldehyde emissions. The self-levelling layers are low solvent and solvent free and no mercury is utilised in manufacturing the product. Herculan’s Indoor Range also require low maintenance and are easy to clean.

All Herculan systems meet the European Standard; EN 14904.

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