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A range of polyurethane construction sealants, suitable for multipurpose joint sealing applications throughout any commercial, industrial and residential applications.









Gripset EF - Gripset EF is an elastomeric single component moisture curing polyurethane construction sealant. Gripset EF is tough and durable, possessing good chemical resistance suitable for multipurpose joint sealing applications. Meets Specification ASTM C-920 & SNJF Class 1 Elastomeric.

Gripset SB - Gripset SB is an innovative and environmentally safe single component adhesive/sealant, based on technology that is free of isocyanates, solvents and halogens. Once extruded, Gripset SB cures by reaction to atmospheric moisture to form a high performing elastic adhesive and sealant. Due to the unique properties of this product, Gripset SB is versatile for sealing and bonding applications in a wide variety of industries and situations. Gripset SB has also been designed for use with the Elastoproof range of products for adhering to metal and plastic substrates and sealing edges, overlaps etc.

All Gripset products have been independently tested and assessed by CSIRO.

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