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A highly energy efficient barbecue with stainless steel cooking surface. Suitable for building in or available in stainless steel tamper-resistant enclosures. AC electric or DC solar operation,ideal for commercial operation or in public parks.

The GreenPlate™ 300 is commercial grade electric barbecue system that uses patented low energy technology yielding 50-70% less energy consumption than conventional electric BBQs (NATA Verified 2006).

The robust full stainless steel construction is suitable for building into benchtops and is available in stainless steel single 'Milo' or double 'Myles' bench enclosures.

Operation is push button piezo-electric with LED indicators and provides gas-like speed of operation providing up to 300deg C temperatures within minutes using on 1.8kW/hr energy consumption.

Available in 24V AC grid power connected or 24V Dc suitable for solar photovoltaic connection. Element is rated for 8 years continuous use.

NATA testing confirms a single unit used 10 hours per week will save nearly $400/year on energy and maintenance and between 0.91 - 2.16tonnes C02 per year

Winner of a Cities for Climate Protection™ Award with Hume City Council

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