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Energy saving lighting controller suitable for commercial, residential and industrial applications.









LumiSmart Intelligent Lighting Controller (ILC) is a miro-processor controlled, energy-saving device suitable for fluorescent lights in new and existing applications, like carparking and similar areas that are lit by existing fluorescent lights on a 24hr schedule. It is installed at the switchboard, instantly reducing energy consumption by 30% or more without the need to change lighting fixtures.

LumiSmart is electronic based and works differently than larger transformer based power controlling solutions on the market. Major differentiators include:

  • Microprocessor based/controlled and fully adjustable for power/light levels when installed
  • Controlled via an easy to use push button interface on the device
  • Built-in energy meter displaying wattage consumption
  • Size of a small shoe box
  • Built in adaptive power factor correction automatically managed by the LumiSmart ILC

Manufacturer claims the product is designed to last 10+ years Manufacturer provides a 2 year warranty for the product.

For maintenance LumiSmart ILC should be visually inspected once a month to ensure the status light is green and not illuminated red. If the status light is red, the device will default to full power and the 'Correcting Faults' instructions in the user manual should be followed.

Information last verified 10th July 2012.

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