Product Detail

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The Reflecta Range of insulations consists of multi-layered reflective insulation with varying depth of polyethylene bubbles between two layers of aluminium, created on a core of air-bubble technology. Products from Reflecta Range incorporate an aluminium foil and polymer coating that reflects heat and air bubbles providing a barrier against temperatures, humidity, and noise.

The Reflecta Range consists of:

Reflecta-Cell - 5.7mm thick reflective insulation suitable for commerical, industrial and residential construction for use in roofs, floors and walls.

Reflecta-Guard - 12.0mm thick reflective insulation suitable for a range of applications including residential, workspaces and applications where increased noise insulation is required.

Reflecta-Break - 6.0mm thick thermal break for steel frame and metal on metal construction.

Reflecta-Shed - 4.0mm thick reflective insulation suitable for shed applications.

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